Andrea Nettel

Andrea Nettel

Andrea Nettel – Founding Director, Counsellor

Andrea is the founding director of the centre. She attained her Diploma in Counselling and Communications (with distinction) from the South African College of Applied Psychology.

Andrea sees the individual as part of a system and works together with her clients to empower individuals and communities. Andrea enjoys working with Teenagers and has a special love for relationship counselling and family therapy.

Andrea’s interest in trauma and its effects on the individual, the family and the community informs her counselling practice. She loves assisting parents and caregivers during times when stresses such as special needs, disability or trauma feel overwhelming, and provides support to individuals struggling with life’s challenges.

Andrea has successfully worked with individuals and families struggling with the effects of anxiety, depression, anger, divorce, disability, rape, abuse and neglect. She has worked in communities dealing with severe aggression and gang violence.

The Family Counselling Centre was born out of her passion to empower communities and reconnect families by developing understanding the self and others.

To book a session with Andrea you can call 021 023 0016, you can WhatsApp us on 072 375 6089 or you can send an email to