Apprenticeship @ TFCC

Apprenticeship @ TFCC

Testimonial from Christiane Viljoen:

My journey in psychology started back in 2017 when I began my studies. Throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, it became clear that the psychology syllabus, although extremely informative and educational, lacked a great deal of “real world” application. Over the course of my studies, I was provided with the theory of psychology; ranging from its founders up until the present day, however, I had not been taught how to use it.

This is where something like The Family Counselling Centre Apprenticeship Program comes into play. The apprenticeship program fills the gaps that tertiary education cannot.

Andrea and her team create a bridge, connecting the theory taught at university with the real world in which you will be applying it. Over the course of my one year apprenticeship I was not only provided with valuable information regarding the working world of the mental health care profession; the application of theory and tools in order to utilize the theory; but, most importantly, I was provided with a safe space where I could fumble while learning; go as slow or fast as needed; and ask my dumb questions without any hesitation or fear of judgment.

For me, my biggest take away from The Family Counselling Centre Apprenticeship Program has been the simple, yet effective way it connects the dots between theory and practice; and the self-growth I experienced as a result. For this I am truly grateful to Andrea and the team at The Family Counselling Centre, for the Apprenticeship Program and their lessons.

I am happy to say that I was asked to stay on after the completion of the program and decided to accept that offer.

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