The Family Counselling Centre is dedicated to reach those who struggle to find dedicated professional mental health services.

We do this in two significant ways.

On Friday afternoons between 2- 6 pm we provide specialist services such as family law, recovery programme, financial resilience, Youth at risk etc.

On Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm we offer general counselling to individuals of all ages and couples. These services are offered on an anonymous donation basis, any amount will do.

The other way we hope to reach those who are struggling to find us, is by providing wellness and staff programs to organisations in the community. This “Care for the Caregivers” programme focuses on the social workers, the service providers, teachers, and any other helping and caring professionals that assist individuals in the community. We provide staff workshops and debrief sessions at highly reduced fees to Valley Development Project in Ocean View.

We also offer free of charge staff workshops and free counselling to the staff at The Safe House Trust (Shelter for abused women and children in the South Peninsula).

We aim to assist those who help others in order for them to feel supported in the work that they do.