Use, Abuse and Misuse

The internet is full of memes that illustrate the widely accepted need for some kind of alcoholic beverage to calm nerves, to celebrate, to finish the day, to relax, to reward, to surprise etc. They are trying to convince us that we are deserving and ought not to feel bad about our Sun-downers, quick drinks after work with the guys, G&T’s or Bubbly or Mommy juice.
Unfortunately at The Family Counselling Centre we see a more sinister side to those memes. Mothers and fathers, filled with guilt and shame, come and sit with us in our counselling rooms. They woefully disclose how their drinking habit has changed the way they interact with their kids and their spouses. Couple after couple explain to us how “Girls Night Out” or “Thursday Drinks with the Guys” is becoming more than just innocent fun. The conversations during our sessions vary only slightly depending what “habit” they might secretly have been engaging in. Some are tormented because according to some well meaning on-line survey they did, they are actually an “addict”. Are the really?

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