Are you living with a special needs/disabled child?

Are you living with a special needs/disabled child?

Then this is for you!

One of our passions at The Family Counselling Centre is disability awareness. I, Andrea Nettel, have a special heart for families living with disabilities because my son was diagnosed with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy at age 2 . He is severely disabled and needs an electric wheelchair and a service dog to function semi-independently. He is now 16, goes to Wynberg Boys High School and aside from his disability he is a normal teenager. My journey with him has made me acutely aware of the unique situations families with disabilities find themselves in.

Disability, special needs, differently-abled… what does that actually mean? Well if you find yourself struggling because the system around you does not fit your family, chances are that your family has special needs. There are different sensitivities about labels and names. Ultimately though if you are continuously running between various therapists like OT, Speech, Physio,  finding the “Right” school and clinic/red cross hospital appointments your family’s needs are special.

I will be facilitating this group and aim to support and empower parents. I am looking to give parents the space for honest and open communications around their needs and the needs of the other family members.  There is so much more involved and relationships seem much harder when there is the additional responsibility of caring for special needs.

The group will address topics like self-care, honesty, frustration, fears and how to deal with them. It will be an interactive group where your needs will be of highest priority. I believe in the connection between physical well-being and emotional/mental well-being therefore I incorporate movement into the sessions, so wear comfortable clothes.

We are starting this weekly SNP-Group (Special Needs Parents) on 25 January 2018 at 5 o’clock pm at The Family Counselling Centre in Fish Hoek. To book your slot or find out more about it please call or Whats-App us (Andrea  or Carol) on 0723756089. You can also check out the details on facebook.

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