Leigh Johnson

Leigh Johnson is an Integral Coach and obtained her Diploma in Integral Coaching with The Coaching Centre in 2013. She is a member of COMENSA (Coaching and Mentoring Association or South Africa) and serves on the COMENSA Western Cape Chapter Events Committee. She has eleven years experience as a teacher and has a Bachelor of Primary Education (Wits University). She has also earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (Gordon Institute of Business Science). Her most valuable ‘qualification’, however, is being a mum to her 4 year old daughter, Amy!

As a Parenting Coach, Leigh creates opportunities for parents to develop their awareness and understanding around the various behaviours and beliefs they bring into their parenting role, and to consider the implications of these on their relationships with their children. She works with parents to assist them in making the shifts necessary to enable trust, respect, understanding and love to grow – and to assist the parents to act from a position of purposeful consideration and wisdom. Her passion is seeing families thriving, instead of just surviving.

Her Life Coaching involves supporting her clients to create more balance in their lives, discover their purpose, recover from burnout and stress, create and achieve personal goals, navigate difficult changes, develop emotional and social awareness, improve communication and assertiveness – basically anything that assists them to live more whole and fulfilled lives!

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