Care for the Caregivers

This time of the year my heart goes out to all people working in caring professions. Doctors, social workers, nurses, NSRI staff, teachers, fieldworkers, police, emergency services, etc. Their plight is hard throughout the year but for some reason during the festive season I become painfully aware that, as everyone is celebrating and taking a load off, many cargivers are working hard to keep everyone safe and healthy.  Continue reading “Care for the Caregivers”

T’is a time to be Merry – WITH the family!

Family History, Tensions, Expectations, Nerves, Family Feuds, Ongoing bickering…  Christmas can be a difficult time especially if you are the one who is hosting the whole family this year. Our Team has put together some guidlines that can help making your Christmas  a very Merry Christmas 2017.


Continue reading “T’is a time to be Merry – WITH the family!”

Introducing Your Partenr to Your Kids

Andrea answers some questions about how to go about introducing a new love intrest to your children.

The basis of a healthy relationship with your children is to implement – The 4 -Ls of healthy parenting

  • LISTEN to your children,
  • LEARN about your children,
  • LAUGH with your children and
  • LOVE  your children in action

Age-approproiate honesty is of utmost importance when communication with your children especially when talking  to them about so-called touchy subjects.

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How to deal with post-divorce festive season

Sarah J King talks to Andrea Nettel

Andrea Nettel, the founder and director of The Family Counselling Centre specialises working with individuals, couples and families who have experienced trauma.

She joined Sarah J. King from Cape Talk to give some advice on how to approach the festive season after having gone through the trauma of divorce.

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