Counselling Clinic

The Family Counselling Center now also offers counselling on donation basis.


Every Friday afternoon and on Saturdays we are open for anyone who cannot afford counselling fees. We are doing this from our premises in Unit 115, Valyland, Fish Hoek. This clinic is donation-based and all donations made are absolutely anonymous.

Give what you can for proffessional and dedicated services.


To book your slot simply WhatsApp or call us on 072 375 6089 


Here is what we have on offer at the

Specialists' Clinic:
Fridays 2 - 6 pm
General Counselling Clinic:
Saturdays 9 am - 3 pm
Family law - 1st Friday of the month mediation, divorce, parenting plans etc.

Child Counselling - 2nd Friday behaviour, trauma, divorce, etc.

Addiction & Recovery - 3rd Friday (15 yrs. and older)

Youth & Risk - 4th Friday
Our therapists are trained to address issues like trauma,depression, anxiety, domestic, abuse, anger management, conflict, etc.

This clinic is for couples and individuals 13 yrs. and older.

To book your slot please WhatsApp or call us on 

072 375 6089

or email us