Tackling Tough Times – Communication made easy

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We communicate all the time. Every minute of our waking day we are communicating something to someone somehow.  How do we do that? Most people answer by saying "we talk and use words", they are correct to a point. Communication, however, is so much more than just using words.  At our September "Let's get Talking" event at Sandi's bistro  participants uncovered what supports communication and why communication breaks down. Here now some comments from some of our participants. "My husband and I joined a welcoming and informal group to discuss how we communicate with each other, especially when times are tough.  Andrea took some time in helping us understand how communication takes place and how we give and receive messages to and from each other. " "Andrea illustrated how ... our interpretations" of things…
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Body Boosting for Stress Relief

coaching, Family, Parenting
(by Leigh Johnson) TFCC’s life coach, Leigh Johnson, had the pleasure of hosting our monthly ‘Let’s Get Talking’ conversation last night. The topic was a pertinent one for our busy lifestyles: Managing Stress. What became clear from the stories of all participants was the incredible resource our bodies are – both in warning us about too much stress and in participating in the healing process itself. The impact of stress cannot be over-estimated and it is increasingly evident through statistics that show stress-related illnesses increasingly being the number one cause of premature deaths in our western societies; that we are not listening to our bodies. Every single participant at the conversation last night had experienced burnout at least once in their lives and the symptoms of this were scary. So,…
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