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Preparing for the High Seas of Life

Parenting, Readings
A major  part of being a parent is to teach our children to navigate through life and to learn basic essential values such as honesty, empathy, integrity, purity and many more. In order to do so we take opportunities to  teach lessons,  instil rules, talk about consequences and more often then we want to, we find ourselves having to execute those consequences.  I applaud every parent who spends the time and energy  getting their kids "sea-worthy", because it is really hard work. I have some more thoughts though. What happens if they blatantly lie? What happens when they succumb to teenage peer pressure? What happens if because of their own doing they find themselves in a "sinking ship"? You might say well, they will need to face the consequences and there will…
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Our New Look

Website updates
Welcome to our New Look! We are happy to welcome you to our newly designed website. Feel free to have a look around. We hope you enjoy our new sleek and modern look. We just did some window dressing and added some fun things like this posts page. Feel free to comment and let us know what you think. We are also proud to announce that we have a new member in our Team: Michele Berger,  Educational Psychologist, has joined us to help bring professional  service to the community. We still offer all our other services and feel confident that Michele will be able to assist us to fill the need for counselling support  in "our Valley". Kindly Andrea Nettel  
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DREAM – Developing a Relationship between Emotions And Movement

Building Resiliance through Movement Resilience - the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. What is it that makes someone recover quickly? Or what is it that encourages toughness? Research has done little to effectively pinpoint what it is that makes someone more tough or able to cope with life's challenges better than others. But what we do know is that when the brain believes that the body is safe it has more "elasticity" to form new concepts and is more accepting of change. I find this interesting because this means that we need to make sure that we feel safe first before we even attempt to do anything new. The irony here is that anything new will initially make us feel unsafe. So how can we overcome this conundrum?…
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