A Question of Trust

Self development & growth
By Leigh Johnson – Affiliate Parenting Coach at The Family Counselling Centre At a recent presentation I gave at The Friday Network to practitioners in the Learning and Development field, I was reminded of how fundamental self awareness and growth is in order for us to impact others. No matter what roles we perform in life, there is an essential need to start growth and change with ourselves first. We often look to the systems we are a part of – families, organisations, communities, nations – and bemoan the problems we see there, when the place we really need to start with is: me! The conversation emanating from my presentation on Trust highlighted this powerfully. My presentation was called ‘The Business of Trust’ and focused on the importance of, and…
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Supporting Your Children Through Exams

When did you last write an exam or test? Many parents will tell you that their last time was as recently as the last exam written by their child or teenager! Truly the stress, planning and focus that are required to assist your children to get through their exams is often equivalent to that which you would experience were you to sit the exam yourself – and sometimes even higher. Crucial to assisting families to weather the exam storm and come out smiling at the other end, are some practices that parents can put into place at exam time, and all through the year, to develop good skills that will assist their children into their work future. The following are some of the things parents can do to make exam…
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What impact do you have on your family?

Being aware of - and taking responsibility for - the impact of our behaviours, wording and thinking on those we are closest to is such an important part of being a parent. We have so many opportunities to make a positive difference each day. Although we don't always get it right, developing our awareness and making choices is possible and necessary if we are to live into our true potential as parents. Click here to hear how our new Parenting Coach, Leigh Johnson, is trying to change how she impacts those around her. Let us know if any of these ideas are helpful - and share some ideas of your own! 
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